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About Us

The Chameleon Film Festival – Contemporary Visions was born from the initiative of a group of cinephiles, industry experts and cinema art enthusiasts who dream of a regeneration of the audiovisual market, which is increasingly incapable, especially in Italy, of giving space to independent products and propose to the general public works that can truly describe the contemporary world.


If in the post-war period Italian Neorealism had given way to a real revolution, both in the specifics of the language and in the methods of production, open for the first time to the consideration of reality as such, outside the artificial scenarios of prose theaters , the cinema of recent decades seems in some way to return to a rejection of reality, and, what is even more serious, to be able to do so without returning to the confines of the factories, but by cloaking itself in settings and photographic characteristics that are highly plausible and only apparently inspired by the truth . In other words, cinema demonstrates that it has managed to absorb the neorealistic message and then bypass it, ending up telling only small portions of the real world that were planned on paper, politically correct or measured along the lines of a common feeling. Except obviously for some rare exceptions, one has the impression of stagnating in the usual stories, in the usual dialogues, in the usual contrite emotions, without ever being able to see beyond. Can we perhaps think that only great events, be they wars or devastations of any kind, can be worthy of note for a cinema that intends to tell reality? Or is there also an ordinary, everyday reality, apparently motionless, but rich in nuances, contrasts and profound anxieties that deserves equal attention? Where do those anxieties actually arise? Are they simply an intimate effect of the economic-political order, or are there more hidden reasons that invade the psychic and spiritual sphere of the contemporary world? Which cinema, theater or literature really addresses these questions? So how can we describe this chameleon-like contemporaneity? The Chameleon Film Festival therefore aims to give space to those new authors who know how to tell glimpses of contemporary everyday life in their films, piercing the veil of appearances, of the obvious, of the obvious, of the already seen and the already said. Works produced after January 1, 2020, of any genre and theme (comedy, drama, horror, science fiction, fantasy, documentary) are accepted as long as they are relevant to the substantial requirement of the Festival: the story of contemporary reality. Works that promote forms of racism, intolerance or pornography will not be taken into consideration. Feature films over 50 minutes, documentaries of any length and short films with a duration of no more than 30 minutes are admitted, including animated works. For the works presented in the Review Category there will be the possibility of obtaining an official critical review and an interview with the Director who will be given ample space on our website. The works must necessarily be subtitled in English in the case of non-Italian productions. A jury of experts and enthusiasts will view the films with a view free from the constraints of the market, from distribution impositions, from categories of thought, to reward the most deserving works and thus begin to form the Contemporary Library, a virtual audiovisual library that collects short films capable in some way of giving us an authentic and analytical image of the contemporary world.

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